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Value Propositions that Save Time and Money


Marketing By Zip continues to develop programs and products that help our clients build customer loyalty and drive innovation in their own business.

We develop and market products that drive consumer traffic to our clients while offering to consumers a value proposition that saves time and money thus creating a long term and loyal relationship for our clients.


Stored Value Network Are you tired of business as usual? Well you don’t have to settle anymore. With our Stored Value Network your business can thrive.

The Odor Doctors The Odor Doctors are truly dedicated to developing and improving solutions or sanitizing vehicles and interior areas from unpleasant smells. We are improving the customer experience inside the car, scent by scent.

Strike Force There are a lot of paint protection products on the market but none with the versatility and quality of Strike Force.


Auto Advice Plus Buying or selling a car can be stressful. That’s why Marketing By Zip has developed Auto Advice Plus. Now, you won’t have to buy or sell your car alone.

Whether your are a fundraising organization, a dealer client or a consumer, we give you a value equation that is fair and balanced, without complication.

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