The Odor Doctors

The Odor Doctors
No one likes a bad smelling car. They’re unpleasant to be inside of and embarrassing. And no amount of air fresheners will really help the problem.

That’s why the Odor Doctors have developed a tried and true method of removing odors from cars. We start by identifying each odor and then using a specific solution to completely rid your car of that scent. Unlike air fresheners, the Odor Doctors method of odor removal doesn’t try to mask or perfume offending odors.

While car odors may seem like a purely cosmetic issues, car odors can be the tell-tale signs of major problems which could cause serious health risks. Odors are a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle and they can be cause by anything from unwanted chemicals to a variety of bacteria mold and growth.

Odor removal is not a one size fits all task—each of these different odors and their sources must be taken care of in different ways. And that’s what makes The Odor Doctors the ideal solution for odor removal and regular vehicle sanitization.

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