Auto Advice Plus

One payment covers up to SIX months of service from the date of payment. All payments for our advice must be paid upfront prior to our engagement of services. We are not responsible for credit decisions between our clients, dealers or finance institutions.

Purchasing Auto Advice Plus Service
Price: $ 299.00

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auto advice plus vehicle purchase negotiation

Purchasing a vehicle is a big step in anyone’s life and there are many pitfalls to navigate. When buying a car there are many things that can and unfortunately often do go wrong. It is a major financial decision and making the wrong choice could prove costly.

That’s why Marketing By Zip offers Auto Advice Plus. It is an advisory service for the purchase and selling of new and used cars—and even vehicle accessories. Marketing By Zip will negotiate your entire transaction from start to finish. You will speak with vehicle experts that have logged years of expertise in automotive sales and marketing. From leasing to buying we will handle the entire transaction process. Marketing By Zip is focused solely on the benefit of our clients and we are not compensated by dealers or financial institutions.

We have a large network of dealers across the US to provide a great selection of choice for your new or used vehicle purchase. Want you take the anxiety out of car buying? Then be sure to utilize our Auto Advice Plus service.

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